Vision, Mission & Values

Cann Pharmaceutical Australia's (CPA) vision is to be at the forefront of medicinal cannabis technology in Australia and internationally - and to harness the power of science to improve the life quality of patients around the world. Patients are the pillar of CPA's brand; and form the foundation on which the company is built.

CPA's central mission is;

To address specific unmet patient needs by providing the highest quality of pesticide-free medicinal cannabis.

To lead the way in evidence-based clinical research and development of cannabis therapeutics and ensure suitable alternatives for our patients.

As a company, CPA comprises a collection of 5 key values - these being;

  • Patients: They drive the force of the company; they are the main concern and passion.

  • Quality: Consistency, accuracy, professionalism and expertise are central to what CPA does.

  • Ethics: CPA adheres to ethical performance and operates with a level of high integrity in all actions.

  • Innovation: It is a central pillar of the company and it leads CPA forward.

  • Knowledge: CPA is grounded in its unique Heritage. The company and its employees strive to continuously improve and develop through learning.