Quality Policy

Cann Pharmaceutical Australia (CPA) holds itself as a leader in research, development and the provision of medical-grade, organic cannabis therapeutics.

Patient well-being and a reliance on trustworthy healthcare providers are the company cornerstones. Consequently, CPA's management team and its employees are committed to harnessing their expertise in ensuring the best practices for the provision of high-quality, medical-grade, stable, consistent and safe products.  

CPA’s leadership is dedicated to providing the resources necessary for administration and maintenance of an effective quality management system, continual improvement and meeting of external and internal requirements and provision of a basis for the establishment and review of quality objectives.

All of CPA’s stakeholders share the responsibility of compliance with the quality policy principles, and identification of non-conformities or opportunities for improvement.

CPA’s pharmaceutical quality management system is founded on risk-based thinking - and the process approach of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which meets the regulations surrounding Health & Safety, Environment, Employment and Product.

Quality practices are communicated within the company, understood, and adhered to by all employees.

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