Novel Research into the Benefits of Cannabis for COVID-19 Infection

Updated: Jan 31

Research published in the Sciences Advances journal earlier in January reports that cannabidiol (CBD) inhibits COVID-19 infection in mouse models. Researchers at the University of Chicago have discovered that a metabolite of CBD, termed 7-OH-CBD, can inhibit SARS-Cov-2 infection at both early and late stages of infection. This research emerges after early January findings that cannabidiolic acid (termed CBD-A), the precursor to CBD, can prevent entry of COVID-19 into isolated human cells when heated.

However, academics continue to emphasise that treatment of coronavirus with CBD does not replace the necessity for vaccinations and mask wearing. Rather, CBD-based medicines and products may potentially complement existing vaccines and additional preventative measures in the race to lessen the burden of coronavirus internationally.

Consumption of edible CBD preparations, CBD oils and inflorescences are likely to have minimal effects, given that the research is based on a very large dose delivery of CBD into the system. The need for clinical trials to gauge the plausibility of cannabis-based treatments for COVID-19 is increasing in urgency.