Cann Pharmaceutical Australia to attend United in Compassion Medicinal Cannabis Symposium

Updated: Feb 17

Cann Pharmaceutical Australia will be attending and hosting a booth at the 2022 United in Compassion Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium on the 20th of May.

The symposium was founded in 2014 by Lucy Haslam and her late son Dan, whose advocacy for the legal cultivation of cannabis for research and medical purposes changed Australia's debate and legislature around cannabis. The Haslam family convinced then-NSW premier Mike Baird to fund and launch Australia's first clinical medicinal cannabis trial for terminally ill patients. An online petition set up by the Haslam's amassed 320,000 signatures, leveraging the support of politicians and other Australian readers alike - as images of a chemotherapy-stricken Dan started to circulate around Australian media channels. On the one year anniversary of Dan's death, in February of 2016, medicinal cannabis was legalised in Australia.

The United in Compassion Symposium is a tribute to Dan's legacy - and functions to continually advocate for education, knowledge and equitable access to medicinal cannabis. The mission of United in Compassion is to "advocate for patient access to Full Spectrum herbal Medicinal Cannabis extracts and dried herb cannabis in a manner which is safe, effective, affordable, equitable and favourable to patients".

It is a privilege for Cann Pharmaceutical Australia to be able to rally for such a genuine cause. The team looks forward to the symposium in mid May.