Through scientific methods of cultivation, harvesting, processing and grading, we exploit the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis to provide better treatment for our patients.

Cann Pharmaceutical Australia is market ready, with a drug portfolio of 16 existing medicinal grade cannabis products recommended by physicians and used by patients in Israel today for a myriad of medical diseases and conditions.

Cann Pharmaceutical Ltd of Israel has ten years of licensed experience in Israel and is one of few global 100% pesticide-free producers of phytocannabinoid products.

Together with  global partners, CPA prides itself on;

  • Proven-effective cannabinoid drug treatments

  • Use by patients every day - with a patient-base of over 4,000 individuals per month

  • Successful clinical trials

  • 100% pesticide-free cultivation & GMP product manufacturing

  • Greater than 10 years experience.

Younger patients hold particularly special at CPA.


Throughout the years, CPA has worked closely with renowned experts and gained valuable experience and knowledge in the realm of medicinal cannabis treatment in the paediatric field.

CPA prides itself on open and transparent communication; the company focus starting with partnership with a devoted mother to a child who suffers from Epilepsy and Autism. A relentless search for treatment climaxed with the discovery of medicinal cannabis - which proved effective in relieving her son's symptoms, resulting in a significant improvement to his quality of life.  

Consideration of medicinal cannabis usage & treatment for paediatric care can be an overwhelming thought at first, but Cann's dedicated team of professionals seek to embrace your needs in making the best decisions for your loved ones.