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Access & Eligibility

Medicinal cannabis can only be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner.

STEP 1: Doctor-Patient Consultation

For a patient's medical practitioner to be successful in applying for medicinal cannabis treatment, the practitioner will need to meet the TGA's requirements. The practitioner will review and evaluate the patient's medical condition and relevant medical history. The practitioner will also submit documentation outlining which medication the patient has previously used for his/her condition and outline why this medication(s) is no longer viable. The practitioner will then have to further demonstrate the benefits associated with the use medicinal cannabis, as comparable to the improved outcomes of other patients with a similar medical condition.


STEP 2: Product Consideration

If the medical practitioner decides that cannabinoid therapy is an appropriate course of treatment, they will then need to determine exactly which product is most effective. Doctors will collaborate with patients to determine the most appropriate product for each condition.

STEP 3: TGA and State/ Territory Approval

Doctors will need to apply for the relevant state and federal approvals to access the treatment through the Special Access Scheme (SAS Category A or B). 

STEP 4: Patient Access to Treatment

If both state and TGA requirements are satisfied, then the pharmacy or hospital that the doctor has arranged to supply the product can dispense it.

The pharmacist is only authorised to dispense the product to a patient by presentation of a receipt or a hard copy written prescription (emergency supply provisions do not apply), as well as a copy of TGA and state approvals (if relevant).